Fine art printing is the term often used to refer to professional photographs being printed on very high quality paper that meets certain quality criteria. With regard to the paper in particular LMP offers high quality prints in a number of different sizes (refer to image above) and finishes including...

 Glossy papers have a shiny, reflective finish, and the surface of the paper is smooth. 

Luster papers have a subtle, semi-gloss finish, and a slightly frosted texture.

Matte papers have a flat, non-reflective finish.
Film photography offers a unique aesthetic quality that digital can’t quite replicate. The timeless shots of a 35mm film camera deliver that nostalgic and cinematic look loved by many. The photos will be developed & scanned into a beautiful online gallery. LMP offers your choice in film to deliver the look you desire most. My favorite films to shoot with are...

Portra 400 is the world's finest grain high-speed color negative film. At true ISO 400 speed, this film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of lighting conditions. Portra 400 is a popular choice for portrait and wedding photography, as well as for event and documentary photography.

Gold 200 film is designed for picture-taking in natural daylight or with electronic flash. It is a lower speed color negative film that offers an outstanding combination of saturated color, fine grain and high image sharpness. 
Drone photography can give you unique views and angles. With drone photography you are able to catch the special moments complemented by the beauty of the landscape elevating the typical photo shoot. 
The luxury of having two wedding Photographers. We'll be able to cover more angles. I like to coordinate with my second shooter so they cover an alternative angle of all the big moments. If I'm shooting close-ups, they'll shoot wide angles. If I'm getting one angle of the first dance, they'll get another. That way, you won't miss a moment. With this in mind you'll get a wide variety of images. I choose second shooters whose styles are slightly different from - but still complement - my own. You'll get tons of unique photos that I wouldn't have been able to capture alone. We can be two places at once. Want shots of your family at dinner while you and your partner are away for couple's portraits? Or maybe images of everyone filing into the ceremony while you're waiting to walk down the aisle? You can have both a male and female photographer. If the groom would be more comfortable getting ready with a male photographer, let me know! I'll happily choose a male second shooter to keep everyone confident and natural in front of the camera.
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